Probate Records of Denmark 
                        extracted by 
                      Aurelia Clemons 
                      3485 E. O'Bryant St.
                   Idaho Falls, ID 83401 USA
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These records are my personal work and as such are under copyright of Aurelia Clemons. No
copies are to be made for commercial gain by ANYONE. Copies of individual entries for personal use
ONLY are permitted.

This extraction has been done in WordPerfect 5.1.  It is in a TAB delimited format within the paragraph.
Each paragraph is one probate and the last line contains the source information..  Each estate, herred, birk,
amt, etc has its own file.

These records may contain errors due to condition of records, handwriting, interpretation or typing. It is
strongly recommended that all users consult the original records as they usually contain more useful
information and to avoid errors. All effort has been put into accuracy but use of the records are the sole
responsibility of the user - I am not to be held liable for any misleading information.

Names, places and occupations may vary from current spelling as I used the spelling found in the original
documents. I changed some to make records more consistent. Many surnames of the children are assumed.

FORMAT: (English and Danish mix)
Line 1 - Deceased's name, occupation & residence  - Date of document - page number(s)
Line 2 - Spouse's name & occupation  (HUSBand, WIFE - enke(mand))
Line 3+ - Heirs  (CHildren, BROthers, SISters, SODSKende, etc - born, broder, soster, etc)
Last Line - [ Source information: name of gods, etc ; Book # and years covered; FHL film number]
NOTE: All relationships are to the deceased unless otherwise noted.

HUSB: - husband, enkemand, etc.
WIFE: - kone, enke, hustrue, etc.
CH: - child(ren), barn, born
BRO: - brother, broder
SIS: - sister, soster
SODSK: - sodskende, siblings
guard: - guardian, formynder
wgd: - widow's guardian, lavvaerge/langvaerge
=   - married to
gmd - gaardmand, farmer
hmd - huusmand, cottager
bmd - boelsmand, farmer

Anders, Andreas, Apolone
Bertel, Birgethe, Birthe, Bodil 
Caroline, Cathrine, Christen, Christian, Christine, Christopher, Claus, Clemen
David, Dorthe
Elisabeth, Ellen, Erik
Frands, Frederich, Frederikke
Giertrud, Gregers
Hans, Helene, Henrich
Ibsen & Ibsdtr, Ingeborg, Inger
Jacob, Jens, Jeppe, Jesper, Johan, Johanne, Jochum, Jorgen, Jepsen & Jepsdtr
Karen, Kirsten, Kirstine, Knud, Kristine
Lars, Lisbeth, Lovise
Mads, Maren, Margrethe, Marie, Mathias, Mette, Michel, Mikkel, Mogens, Morten
Ole, Olsdtr & Olsen
Peder, Peter, Poul
Rasmus, Rasmussen
Sidse, Sidsel, Simon, Sophie, Soren, Stephen, Svend
Thomas, Torkild, Truels
Wilhelmine, Willum

If errors are found, please contact me

THANK YOU.  Aurelia Clemons

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